Have you thought about your tax returns yet?

After every self assessment tax returns for the previous year has been submitted there is a sigh of relief.  But as soon as April arrives, the dark cloud starts to appear, telling you that the returns have to be taken care of once again.


I know that the current attention on the tax makes a simple task daunting and more often than not wanting to make you put it on a back burner, until you realise that you cannot put it off any longer as the deadline approaches.

So don’t wait until the deadline approaches.   You will hopefully have gathered all the information that would be required for the completion of your tax returns.  There are no advantages gained by delaying it but you will eliminate the dark clouds earlier than you thought, and be done and dusted when some are only thinking about it.

So now is a good time as any to be contacting your accountant to submit your returns.

Your accountant will be happy to take care of it earlier too as this avoids the unnecessary delay and you could end up paying twice as much in fee if deadline is looming.  Allowing yourself plenty of time will help you arrange your funds and to settle the liability in plenty of time too.  An early submission will also allow you to receive any repayments sooner.  So why wait.

As you are aware self assessments need great care and accurate disclosures and an accountant will be to do so with their expertise to meet the requirements of HMRC of your position.

If you need any help or advice in completing your UK self assessment tax returns, you can contact AL-Zafirah Accountancy.


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