Mind your business!

Positive Psychology 
‘I am going to make it work!  I can do this! I am going to be successful!’  These are just a few words of positive thinking and it is all you need to believe in yourself and make your business work.

It might seem simplistic but by having a positive affirmation and repeating these words will remove the low esteem that you have deep within yourself especially during the quietening months of the winter season.  It will give you the ability to program your way of thinking and reinforce your mindset.

We all suffer from negative and positive affirmations now and again, and how many times as a child we have been told that we are clumsy, or not good enough to do something.  These statements then stay with us in our conscious or subconscious minds throughout our lives.

Fear of failure for example, leads us to such an overestimated physical and emotional feeling that we convince ourselves that it would not work.   In effect it would lead us to lose our opportunity for success thus leaving us with our subconscious friend or “enemy” as I would like to call it telling us that it was not meant to be. (Remember our minds is our worst enemy)

Some affirmations are so deeply rooted and have knocked our confidence down so much that it does not give our positive and conscious minds to even get up in the boxing ring.

But how do we reset our minds in thinking and removing fears of the negative affirmation. Try this for yourself and fill in the missing blank after you have read the paragraphs below, no cheating now.

1)……..             2)Potential

4)Result          3)Action

A boxer in a game needs his strong hands to do the work to win the title and skill and techniques that would take him to being a professional.  He trains twice a week and he has strengthened his fractured hand from his previous fight.

When asked how he felt he showed enthusiasm and motivation by chanting and repeating positive affirmations.

When he lost the fight was asked again as to what went wrong he answered I led myself to believe that I could not do it and feared my hand would let me down.

What is the missing blank?

It is Belief…

Belief is the key to giving you the potential, which leads you to action thus giving you the result.

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.

Good luck!


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