Social networking, it’s not scary if you stick to some basics

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Meetup are just a few of the dozens of social networking platforms. How do you know as a business person which is the best site to deliver and communicate your business and actually keep it professional?

Here are a few straight-talking tips.

To begin with, if you decide to use social networking sites for professional means, bear in mind of possible pitfalls and occasional slips so always be mindful and watchful.

One good point to remember is if you’re using social networking as yourself to promote your business,  think if it’s going to hinder or advance it? Do your clients or customers want to see pictures of you in your pyjamas or on a drunken night out?

Sometimes, however, adding a personal spin to help promote your business may actually work. It’s worth thinking about it depending on the industry you’re, maybe it would work if you’re in the baking industry and bake celebration cakes and you showcase a cake you made for your child’s third birthday with family pictures, that in fact could inspire someone to do the same and actually put an order in for a cake.

But would it work if you’re run a private day nursery and update your status dismissing parents and young children after a tough day at work?

Other things to bear in mind is privacy, you can let people see as much or as little as you want. So make the most of your privacy settings. Do remember sites like Facebook are always resetting and updating their privacy measures so stay on top to avoid letting slip.

If you decide to create a profile, keep it simple, don’t bombard but stay in the scene regularly. Most businesses start off all excited, clocking up lots of likes or followers but within weeks they’ve disappeared. Will the sloppy attitude reflect your business?

Even with the best profiles pages, comes the garbage. Endless tags and unwanted posts on your page can accumulate quickly and go out of control, making your social networking page look full of junk and unappealing. Keep a check on regular unwanted additions, or to deal with it permanently unfriend or block the person who heckles your profile with rubbish.

Social networking pages are great for you to aim for your target market, and drum up business with offers and promotions. Networking sites like Facebook now offer great tips to help raise your profile, quite literally.

Social networking might not be for everyone but it’s hard to avoid it, so why not embrace it and enjoy it’s benefits.


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