Say what you mean & mean what you say

With the influence of international business, accounting and business jargon has become seriously complex and even confusing. I sometimes notice this when speaking to clients, who will use the wrong term for the wrong thing. It’s so important to mean what we say and say what we mean. Don’t make the wrong business move because … Continue reading

business steps in the right direction

You may not always need giant foot steps to make a business work, in fact its the small things that count and make the biggest difference. Simple things such a ensuring your email address is correct on your business cards or ensuring your out of office email says the correct date on.

About Al-Zafirah Accountancy

Who Are We? Al-Zafirah Accountancy is an established accountancy firm based in Bolton, Greater Manchester.  The practice was set up by Shenaz Bargit. Shenaz has over 15 years of working in the accounting field.  What is Our Vision? Our vision is provide your business with simple bookkeeping services and flexible accounting packages, to then allow … Continue reading

Mind your business!

Positive Psychology  ‘I am going to make it work!  I can do this! I am going to be successful!’  These are just a few words of positive thinking and it is all you need to believe in yourself and make your business work. It might seem simplistic but by having a positive affirmation and repeating … Continue reading

Just where do I start?

When I was a novice in the accounting industry all the areas of networking and marketing publications were screaming out to me to read, digest and take action to make my business a success. But it’s all very well reading and skimming pages after pages but where do you actually begin? Isn’t one the same as the … Continue reading

Jargon gets me!

Accountants are famous for being boring. I hope my writings (hopefully, on a regular basis) will bring light to our interesting side. I’m going to start with, well, without being patronizing, something easy (to warm me up on the keyboard if anything else!) What I have noticed is far too many exciting business people will … Continue reading